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Bài gửiTiêu đề: SOCIAL NETWORK   SOCIAL NETWORK I_icon_minitimeFri Oct 21, 2011 9:58 pm

Do you want to become antediluvians just to get special attention from other people? If you do, then make a handwritten letter and ask your dearest dove or take it to a nearest post office to send it to your pen-pals. However, the majority of us never want to do such a silly thing in that our lives nowadays are somewhat ruled by the Internet. It can be said that we absolutely can’t live without it. It helps us a lot in work as well as in entertainment. Now if you want to look for new friends, strangers who might become your boon companions in the future, or join some joyful online activities, those that are not as wonderful as real ones but definitely engage your time from dawn to dusk, an awful lot of social networks will welcome you as a brand new member of their great families.
Millions of people are now using social networks to do so many things at once with just a computer turned on and an Internet connection connected. Hence there is no doubt why their popularity has been spreading like wildfire to all over the world these recent years. They’re made up a huge endless grid which links regions with regions, countries to countries so that one finds it hard to restrain himself from being grossly curious when talking to someone who is a vast ocean away from him. A social network is something just like a treasure room built to store plentiful utilities. To be honest, it is difficult for us to say goodbye to our traditional way of writing and sending a letter, but we are proud of the modern technology that has granted us electronic mail. In fact, it is far too convenient to be complained about, its rocket-like speed never fails to gratify users. In addition, watching movies and playing games and updating world news are certainly indispensable, for a social network, they become as easy as an alphabet. However, it seems that those things are going to be as old as the hills since we can “Google” to find anything we want, the importance that social networks fascinate their “believers” is a very function of people connection. People – whatever nationalities they are, whatever languages they speak, whatever religions they believe, or whatever countries they come from – all move closer to each other when they enter a social network. They make conversations, learn and exchange knowledge, share information and emotion. They keep in touch with each other and arrange a rendezvous which might result in a real warm meeting someday. Also, social networks provide cultural exchange between countries and countries. It is certainly impossible for somebody to witness and touch what they have never seen or felt before, nevertheless, they may be impressed and even experience an unforgettable culture shock. Moreover, a social network is a place where pieces of educational and job information are displayed, they are noteworthy to the unemployed, who don’t want to bury their days deep in idleness, once in a while.
On the contrary, being extolled doesn’t always mean that a social network is free of detriment to its users. According to some articles that have been released recently, there is a mass of people who are now abusing it. They go too far when doing things which lie beyond the terms of service. They use filthy messages or post dirty pictures which publicly tease the eyes of the viewers and spoil youngsters. They join some associations whose interests are extraordinary in a ridiculous way. Obviously most of social networks’ members today are teenagers – those who have not yet finished school and thus are susceptible to everything bizarre around them. Because there are so many things to do at the same time in a social network and because it is so convenient that requires no physical energy, teenagers easily root themselves in their seats pouring their precious time down into a bottomless abyss of entertainment. The longer, the worse. Those teenage lads and gals become more slothful and sluggish than ever. Now they are completely controlled by the social network they use. Consequently, they live as burdens on their families and society.
Besides, social networks’ dark-side effects are not so to be blacklisted. Once connected, people can do whatever they want. Criminals take advantage of good people’s innocence to make deception, lonesome souls search for virtual love which then perhaps, some time and somewhere in reality, results in an astounding feeling because of opposite appearance and characters.
Therefore, thinking of whether to avoid them or not, of course it is not because of a social network to be blamed on, depends on ourselves. We often lose control when we are attracted by something. So it is very good for us if we know the limitation: where and when to stop.
In the world’s modern technology today social network is a far leap to the sky. It is a cozy house for all of us to live in. Be the best we can be. Let us not be controlled.

1/ Are you a member of some social network? What’s your favorite social network? How do you feel when you use it?
2/ What do you often do when you enter a social network? How good is it for your life? What do you learn from there?
3/ Have you ever met some friends, who you added, in reality? Was it interesting? How online friends different from normal friends?
4/ Do you join an association in a social network of which you are a member? What’s the association? Why do you join it?
5/ According to your own points of view, what are the advantages and disadvantages when we use a social network?
6/ Have you ever had a problem using a social network? What kind of problem?
7/ Social network is so popular that it has been made a movie that has a same name. It’s an Oscar-nominated film announced in 2010. Have you watched it? What do you think about it?

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Bài gửiTiêu đề: Re: SOCIAL NETWORK   SOCIAL NETWORK I_icon_minitimeTue Nov 15, 2011 10:29 am

úi giời, cho xin bản dịch đi hoàng ơi
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