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Bài gửiTiêu đề: WOMAN’S DAY   WOMAN’S DAY I_icon_minitimeSat Oct 15, 2011 9:57 pm

The world is now praising them. The world lets itself fall into a temporary slumber to just to remember about them. There are a great number of special days marked on the calendar to celebrate and to show how grateful we are to them. It seems words alone are never enough to describe all what they have been doing for us. Comparing with being a man, being “one of them” doesn’t always bring felicity. It is great that the Creator had created a creature which is known as “woman”.

The Creator was very well-done to finish such a good job, but is it possible that justice was not equally given to both genders – man and woman? In the past, women had to work day after day, sometimes without having a chance to rest. Their places were nowhere in the society, nowhere in their house but the kitchen. They dawdled their precious days away around the kitchen, making food to take care of everyone else. In other words, they looked no difference like Hestia, a Greek goddess, who is responsible for kitchen affairs. Reminiscing about when feudal society was still existing in Vietnam, there was a very severe discrimination that was imposed between men and women. Men had rights to do whatever pleases them, while women had to struggle to sustain life and to surmount hardships. Hardly did somebody confide or share something with them. They must play various roles to satisfy the needs of their relatives. Furthermore, they were not those who decide in marriage but to abide by the so-called “laws”. Not all of the women were lucky, some of them were too miserable to stand that they committed suicide, some chose to escape, some chose to stay just like poor slaves.

Coming back to the present, today Vietnamese women are far happier than they before are. The old feelings of ignominy, shame, unfairness, loneliness; which sometimes remind them of their haunting memories; are now replaced with proud, optimism, happiness and justice. The important role of women in modern society is too clear and true to be denied. Every Vietnamese woman can show what she has to other people. She has rights to do everything. She is treated as equal as her husband is. She educates her children. She is a mother of god who bestows love upon them. She is a mother of stories who uses fairy tales and fables to tell her children. She gradually leads them to becoming mature. Besides, a modern Vietnamese woman nowadays is no longer at home all the time, she joins in many social and useful activities. The activities provide her with confidence and knowledge that are necessary for life. Furthermore, the ancient theory that said only men can be leaders is no longer here in this twentieth century, women can also be. They are leaders of their jobs. They monitor and decide every decisive-like action in the company.

We have to concur that we men really need the existence of women, each of what they do all influences strongly on our lives and the proper meaning of family. Women deserve to have what they have never had before and to get back what they lost in the past years. To respect and to show deep gratitude to the typical and noble image of a woman together with what she sacrificed herself to water the seed of happiness inside every people’s heart, we, Vietnamese people, take the day, which is on the twentieth of October, as a special day to celebrate all of the Vietnamese women all over the country. We wish them forever be young and happy.
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Trần Quang Hạnh

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Bài gửiTiêu đề: Re: WOMAN’S DAY   WOMAN’S DAY I_icon_minitimeTue Nov 15, 2011 10:31 am

hoàng có vẻ thích post bài viết tiếng anh nhỉ.
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